About Us

Some people always miss the party. And when they don't they leave way too early. They can spot clouds on baby blue skies. Moan if a glass looks half empty. And when their chips are down ... They're the worrying kind. Always hesitant to join in and live a little. If you never take any chances, let things fly or let go, what kind of a life are you betting for?


Then we have the no quitters. The pioneers. The mavericks. They detest the mundane, the average, and giving up is never ever an option. When others stop or fall short this lot grind on no matter what. And it's just one little thing that sets them apart from other people: their mindset. They’re winners. They know they must go further. Push harder. Dare more. Because that’s what it takes to be a winner.


From the start Bethard was just a couple of professional gamers who started sharing memories and dreams. Good ones and bad ones. We’d been chewed up and spit out by the industry a few times. The most important thing we’ve learned is that a comeback is always just around the corner. This has nothing to do with games. It’s a mindset, a way to tackle any bad hand ones dealt in life. And when that comeback finally hits you… Wow.

Bethard today consists of a large group of people 100% dedicated to give potential winners across the globe the best gaming experience in the business. We strive to improve our products, our service, our technology, our communication and our game every day, all the time. That’s what we do to make sure winners keep choosing us.

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