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How to verify your account

Recently won the big prize? And waiting for that well-deserved money? Due to regulation we are obligated to verify all accounts registered with us. But not to worry, with this simple step-by-step guide it will be sorted in no time!

The documents we normally need to verify your account, so you can really start celebrating are:
• Pictures of your photo-ID
• Pictures of a document showing your address
• Pictures or screenshots of your deposit and/or withdrawal methods

Before we start with the pictures, we have some general advice that might speed up the process!

First of all, make sure that you take the pictures in a room filled with light, you can use flash but make sure it does not cover any information. This will give you pictures that are crisp, clear and readable, even if you are using the camera of an old mobile phone. Second, take a picture showing the full document. Just as a team picture of your favourite football team, showing only half of the team is not cool, neither will a picture showing only half of the utility bill or ID be any cool. As you’re as close you can get to become a pro photographer, we’re set to take the pictures!

ID Card

verify-ID-wrong verify-ID-correct

Picture of your Driver’s Licence, Passport or an identity card issued by a bank or the police. Note that the ID has to be valid.

  1. No information should be covered, watch out for the flash and do not put anything else to hide details.

  2. All four corners have to be visible.

Proof of address


Simply take a picture of a recent issued utility bill, document from your insurance company or letter from any governmental authorities. The important thing here is that the document is not older than 6 months, and that it is showing the date of issue. It should also show the logo of the organization that has issued it. And of course, your name and address!

Credit card / Debit card

verify-CC-front-wrong verify-CC-front-correct

Here it is easy to make mistakes, and it is so important to do this part right! What we need you to do is show us the first 6 numbers and the last 4. The middle digits and the three digit CVV code on the back should be covered for your own security. Do not forget to put your signature on the back of your card.

  1. Make sure the picture is not blurry.

  2. Cover the middle digits of the card.

Bank statement

Here the procedure is as for Proof of address, but there are some small differences. The information we need to see is: name of the account owner, the account number and the logo of the bank. And for convenience; you can take a screenshot of the bank statement in your internet banking solution!

Skrill / Neteller

verify-skrill verify-neteller

Simply take a screenshot when logged in to your eWallet! The screenshot has to show the full screen. Your name, email address and account ID have to be visible too.

Here’s how to take a screenshot!

  • Use the tool “Snipping tool” which can be found on your desktop, or downloaded. Save the screenshot to your computer.

  • Use “Print Screen” on your keyboard. Open program “Paint” and paste the picture captured by Print Screen. Save the screenshot to your computer.

  • On a Mac you can instead press 3 buttons: “Command (⌘)” + “Shift” + “3” at the same time. Screenshot will automatically be saved as a file on your desktop.