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Responsible Gaming

At Bethard we know games and gamers. We know what those really great moments feel like. We’re also well aware how quickly things can go bad, especially if a destructive behaviour takes control; those light and happy thrills are suddenly gone, replaced by a dark and heavy force, that can potentially take over completely if one loses control.

To eliminate risks, and be able to offer safety and support to all players, everyone at Bethard has taken a course in Responsible Gaming. This means we know what a potential risk looks like. We can discover patterns and we understand how quickly a negative spiral can start, grow, and potentially become a dangerous problem, which actually may be a disease. That’s why we constantly work on keeping players informed and aware about risks, and we would never encourage someone with a gambling problem to play. On the contrary, we know how hard these problems are to deal with and what kind of feelings they create; shame, guilt and anxiety. Problems and feelings no one should have to fight alone. Naturally, we do all we can to discover and prevent gambling problems. E.g. through: a depositing limit, closing down accounts (if we suspect a gambling problem), warn and offering players help where we think it’s necessary. Gambling problems should be treated in the same way as winning and safe gaming experiences are treated; together.

If you think (or suspect) that you have a gaming problem, or if you know someone who does or want to ask some questions, please contact us on one of our help lines:

Winners dare more – through moderation and control.

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