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Sportsbook betting rules

For the full sportsbook betting rules please click here.

All sports

Bet Confirmation

Bets will not be valid if there are insufficient funds in your account.

A bet that you request will only be valid once accepted by Vivaro LTD servers. Each valid bet will receive a unique transaction code/ID. Bethard shall not be liable for the settlement of any bets, which are not issued with a unique transaction code/ID. If you are unsure about the validity of a bet, please check your account history or contact us.

Should a dispute arise, you and Bethard agree that the Vivaro LTD transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in such matters.

Settlement of Bets (All Sports)

Statistics provided by the official score(s) provider or the official website of the relevant competition or fixture will be used to settle wagers. Where statistics from an official score(s) provider or official website are not available or there is significant evidence that the official score(s) provider or official website is incorrect, we will use independent evidence to support bet settlement.

In the absence of consistent, independent evidence or in the presence of significant conflicting evidence, bets will be settled based on our own statistics.

For markets that are already determined, in the event of early abandonment, cancellation, suspension, etc. any bets accepted on these markets will stand. For example, if a football match is abandoned and the score is 2-1, bets on over/under 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 will stand, any other lines are declared void/returned.

Resulting and Pay-out

All bets and wagers are subject to these Betting Rules.

Bethard reserves the right to suspend a market and/or cancel any bet/wager at any time. When a market is suspended any bets entered will be rejected. Bethard also reserves the right to cease betting on any markets at any time without notice.

The “Possible Win” or “To Return” calculation available on the website is for information purposes only, and all bets will be calculated using the stake at the odds accepted. In multiple bets with a void selection(s) the “Possible Win” or “To Return” figure is reduced in line with this selection being removed only.

Should a customer include a non-runner or void selection in a multiple bet, the bet will be settled on the remaining selections only.

Winnings from resulted bets are added to the balance of your betting account. Any funds/winnings credited to an account in error are not to be considered available for use, and Bethard reserves the right to void any transactions involving such funds and/or withdraw the relevant amount from your account and/or reverse the transaction, either at the time or thereafter when found.

Bethard reserves the right to withhold payment and to declare bets on an event void if we have evidence that the following has occurred: (1) the integrity of the event has been questioned; (2) the price(s) has been manipulated; or (3) match fixing has taken place. Evidence of the above may be based on the size, volume or pattern of bets placed with Bethard across any of our betting channels. A decision given by the relevant governing body of the sport in question (if any) will be conclusive. If any customer owes any money to Bethard for any reason, Bethard have the right to take that into account before making any payments to that customer.

In the case of a series of bets being placed by individuals or a syndicate to manipulate Betting Rules, Bethard have the right to withhold/stop payment or winnings until such a time as Bethard are satisfied no Rules have been broken.

For events where there is no official 'off' declared, the declared original start time of the event will be deemed the 'off'. If for any reason a bet is accepted after an event or match has started (other than In-Play/Live betting clearly indicated on the website), bets will stand if the final outcome is not known, and that no participant/team has gained any material advantage from this at the time the bet was placed. If the outcome of an event/market is known Bethard reserves the right to void and return the bet, win or lose. Disputes over times bets are placed will be settled using the transaction logs on our servers. All times stated on the website and/or referred to by Bethard staff relate to UK Time unless stated otherwise.

In-Play/Live betting - where we have good reason to suspect that a bet is placed after the outcome of an event/market is known, or after the selected participant or team has gained a material advantage (e.g. a score, sending off etc) Bethard reserve the right to void (or return) the bet, win or lose.

If for any reason Bethard are unable to properly validate the outcome of a particular market (e.g. due to loss of information), all bets will be void, unless resulting of bets is already previously determined.

Bets for markets that are “All in, run or not” mean that generally, there are no refunds for non-runners, non-participation or non-qualifiers.

Dead Heat Rules

If two or more selections are joint winners dead heat rules may be used to settle bets. Effectively when you have a dead heat, one part of your bet is treated as a winner (50%), and one part as a loser (50%). In a four-way dead-heat, one part (25%) would be a winner, and three parts (75%) would be losers.

Dead heats can also happen not just for first place so in a market with each way betting then dead heats can occur for 2nd, 3rd etc. This can be a common occurrence in events such as golf tournaments which will affect the place part of the bet, top ten, top twenty, etc. In such instances calculation is based upon the number of places remaining divided by number of participants involved in the dead heat.

Errors and Mistakes

Whilst every effort is made to avoid errors or mistakes, sometimes they can still occur due to human error or system problems. Obvious errors, also referred to as palpable errors, or omissions in respect of the announcing, publishing or making of markets, prices, handicaps, or results sometimes occur despite our efforts to ensure total accuracy.

In the event that we make an obvious error, which occurs when the odds/terms offered are materially different from that available in the general market and/or are clearly incorrect given the probability of the event occurring, all bets will be void.

If we have made an obvious error on the odds/terms of a bet placed on an in- play/live market, all bets will be void.

If we have made an obvious error on a bet placed on a market offered before an event has started, all bets will be void

We will make every effort to inform clients before the event starts of an obvious error in markets, prices, handicaps, or terms, but this may not be possible in all cases.

We use various data providers when forming our markets on the events that are covered on the website and some errors or mistakes in teams or participant names may occur. Bets will stand unless the error or mistake makes a fundamental difference to the composition of the markets (for example, Bristol Rovers instead of Bristol City) in which cases we reserve the right to void any bets on the event.

Cash Out Feature

What is Cash Out?

Cash Out gives you more control over your bets and gives you the opportunity to take a return before an event has finished, even if your bet goes on to lose. You can cash out a bet fully or partially. You can choose to Cash Out your bet at any time and take the potential winnings on offer. If you choose to Cash Out, the amount offered will be settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account.

The amount offered will depend on the performance of your selection(s) and may be higher or lower than your original stake enabling you to guarantee a profit or minimise a potential loss.

When is Cash Out available?

Cash Out is available on selected events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and In-Play/Live, on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Football, Tennis and Basketball. You can see the special logo ($) on the markets while making bets. If the ($) is not displayed, Cash Out is not available on that sport or market. Should you wish to Cash Out, all you need to do is click on the ($) or “Cash Out” button located in your open bet or bet history details.

Where Cash Out is available pre-event and we do not cover the event In-Play/Live then Cash Out will be unavailable once the event starts.

You can also Cash Out on your mobile or tablet – simply select the “Open Bets” or “Bet History” sections of the “History” section of your account and select the “Cash Out” tab to show your eligible bets. Once there you can the Cash Out button below your selection and confirm your decision to settle the bet early.

Partial Cash Out

If you would like to partially Cash Out your bet, simply use the slider on the Cash Out popup to adjust your original stake amount to the amount you want to Cash Out.

Once you have selected the correct amount, click “Cash Out”. The remainder of your stake will be settled in accordance with the final result relating to your bet.

Terms and Conditions

The Cash Out feature is available on selected sports, events, fixtures and markets both pre-match and In-play/live, on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Football, Tennis and Basketball.

A time delay in accepting a Cash Out or Partial Cash Out request is in place. If a price changes or a market suspends then the request may not be successful.

If the Cash Out or Partial Cash Out request is successful, this will be displayed, and the bet will be settled immediately, except in the case of bets partially cashed out.

The actual final result of the related market will have no impact on the Cash Out or Partial Cash Out amount.

The Cash Out or Partial Cash Out amount offered at any time is the total amount that will be returned to your account if successful.

Some Bethard offers will not be applied where the Cash Out feature has been used. See Terms and Conditions for each offer for details.

All free bets are unavailable for Cash Out or Partial Cash Out.

Any bets that are settled using Cash Out or Partial Cash Out will not count towards the turnover requirement of any offer.

Bethard cannot guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on your bet selection. Where Cash Out is available pre-event and we do not cover the event In- Play/Live then Cash Out will be unavailable once the event starts.

Bethard will not be responsible if the Cash Out feature is not available for technical reasons and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period.

Sportcast Bet Builder

This advanced functionality allows the users to place express/multiple bets for specific markets in the same match/game.

Only Logged in players can use Bet Builder functionality, if not logged in, the player will be suggested to login after clicking on BB.

Note: not every sport and match has Bet Builder available. If the feature is available, the player will see BB on the match level.

At present there are 11 sports offered for BetBuilder/SGM. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Ice Hockey, American Football (NFL and US college), Rugby League, Rugby Union, MMA and Aussie Rules Football.

To read terms and conditions for BetBuilder for each specific sport, please click here.

The BetBuilder will be offered as soon as possible. In practice this will depend on the quality of the competition and the availability of odds required to allow BetBuilder/SGM to be formed. For top competitions/events this is likely to be 48-72 hours before the start and around 24 hours or day of the game for lesser competitions/events.

BetBuilder is available for pre match only at present.

You cannot combine selections from different matches. Only individual selections in the same match can be combined at present.

Freebets cannot be used on BetBuilder/SGM.

Cashout cannot be used on a BetBuilder/SGM bet. When a bet has been placed it cannot be voided/returned or updated which includes ‘Edit Bet’.

SuperBet or Counter Offer cannot be offered nor used on a BetBuilder/SGM bet.

Players can see their BetBuilder history from a separate tab in the BetHistory.


Superbet is a new function on the website which allows Players requesting a Max Bet Limit increase for selected sporting events.

Superbet function is available for Live and Pre-Match stagings (depending on the permissions that are set up on the site). Superbet features are available for Single and Multiple Bets.

How to use SuperBet function?

a) The player can select a single or multiple bet(s) of unlimited matches. After selecting a bet/bets in the History section, in Bet Slip Section the player can activate the Superbet function by switching it on via the toggle button.

b) The player offers Superbet by adding a bet amount and clicking on "Place bet" button and waits for the response from the Administrator’s side.

Note: Superbet always needs to be more than the Max bet that has been offered on the website.

c) The player will receive a notification window informing them whether their Superbet was accepted or rejected.

Counter Offer

Counter Offer is a new option that allows suggesting preferable odds for selected sporting events. Available on odds above 1.10.

Counter Offer function is available only in Pre-Match staging and for Single Bet type.

How to use Counter offer function?

a) The player needs to select a selection in Pre-Match and then activate the Counter Offer function in the bet slip by switching it on via the toggle button.

b) After activating the Counter Offer function, the player presses MAX button to see the Max Odds that website offers (the Max Odds depend on the percentage limit set by the Administrator). Then in Stake field Player submits the amount for bet.

Note: The amount needs to be more than the Min Amount in settings which has been set for the Counter offer function. If the Player offers less Amount in stake field, the system will not allow them to place the bet.

c) After clicking on "Place bet" button the player waits for the response from Administrator’s side.

d) The player will receive a notification window informing them whether their Counter offer was accepted or rejected.